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We specialize on BMW’s. We do offer the same services you will find at your local dealership such as, repairs, maintenance, diagnosis, oil change, programming, transmission service, a/c service, radiator flush, axle replacement, visual inspections, software updates, module calibration, retrofits, and much more. 

We also offer other great services that the dealer doesn’t offer such as:

-DME custom calibration (Custom Tuning) n54/n55.

-Alpina B3 flash. N54/N55.

-SAT flash (535i).

-MHD flash.

-Backend flash.

-Aftermarket Installs such as Piggybacks (JB4), downpipe install, upgraded fuel system for e85, methanol kit installs, inlets, outlets, port injection, NOS kit, charge pipe, upgraded intercooler, exhaust, upgraded clutch kit, upgraded transmission level 10 etc.

-Upgraded Turbo Swaps (Single turbo/Hybrid turbo).

-Coding, retrofit & Advanced Programming :

1.Basic coding, folding mirrors, windows up/down with key fob, seatbelt reminder off, video  in motion, disable legal disclaimer, enable M logo, start car without braking, remove light errors, disable auto start stop, close trunk from key fob, enable torque & power meters in I drive, change bmw sounds, unlock doors when car is turned off, enable tire pressure monitor, enable daytime running lights, enable Euro MDM, enable brake force braking, disable headlight washer, and much more.


-Oem alarm system, back up camera, EDC delete, battery registration, satellite radio, rear fog lights, xenon headlights, HID fogs, auxiliary retrofit & much more

-Advanced Programming:

We can program any module on your vehicle including: DME (ECU/Computer), EKP (fuel pump), KOMBI(cluster), RDC(tpms tire pressure sensor), FRM(light module) and any other modules installed on your car. We can program  used or new modules.


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